About our Gallery.

K11 Galleryis a unique space that fuses the fascinating worlds of art and business. It serves as a place of connection and inspiration for all who have the pleasure of stepping inside. With its beautiful baroque exterior, modern and tastefully decorated interiors, K-11 Gallery is the perfect combination of classic and modern styles. On our walls, you will find thoughtfully chosen and artfully placed contemporary visual art and photography from up and coming Neo-pop artists and other contemporary artists. The process that goes into picking our art is an art in itself. At its core, K-11 Gallery always seeks to fuel a connection, a conversation, an ignition of the mind. Our alignment with contemporary art is just one of the ways we achieve these ideals. Finding art from artists that evoke such connections and emotive responses is central to the limitless, boundary-pushing styles found within our gallery. We want to ensure our clients and guests leave with more than what they entered with.

Art that connects.

The contemporary art featured in K11 Gallery is meant to bond, meld and connect. Whether social, political or simply emotional, the art featured in the gallery is diverse and mindful. The medium in which the art is portrayed—be it photographic, painted or constructed—is always only half the message. The other half asks the insatiable “Why?” and looks to deeper meanings. It is through art where we find meaning and through meaning we find ourselves.

Find your space.

Providing a respectable and unique space German and international artists is at the forefront of K11 Gallery’s agenda. The gallery is continually in search of rising contemporary art that matches the gallery’s vision and atmosphere. A major benefit to the artists featured at K-11 Gallery is the frequency of foot traffic and keen clientele that pass through the office. It is here where we hope you will find your space, inspiration, and peace.

The space itself.

K11 Gallery bridges the gap between functional office and creative gallery. Located in one of the oldest buildings in Ludwigsburg—across from Schloss Ludwigsburg, or Ludwigsburg Palace—the gallery’s aesthetic uniquely combines a baroque facade with a modern interior and contemporary features. The gallery space that comes out of this is both intimate and distinct. It is a gallery that pays homage to its baroque past, but also honours the contemporary through art. The uniqueness of such a space and the people that occupy it is what makes K-11 Gallery stand out most